On Sunday afternoon you could always find my mom sitting at the kitchen table, catching up with her “correspondence.” Equipped with her address book, and surrounded by cards, she wrote messages of love, hope, and consolation to those who needed it. Recipients ranged from family members to acquaintances and everything in-between.

When my mom died, I was approached by a friend of my oldest brother. He told me that of all the things given to his wife after the untimely passing of her father, the thing that was most comforting and most touching, was a card with a note that was sent to her by my mother. “They just don’t make women like your mom anymore,” he lamented. “So classy.”

They don’t make women like my mom anymore, and I want to be one.

In this age of internet, we are losing the art of personal contact and the power of the impact of a handwritten message. At Pio Prints, we hope to make this old-school practice, new-school.


Pio Prints was created with the purpose of updating the religious greeting card to appeal to the modern world. It is our mission to spread the message of the Saints to encourage, inspire, comfort, and congratulate. Our name is in honor of the great Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, and our motto we take from his beautiful wisdom:

“Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” St. Padre Pio

Our hope is that, in all moments of life, we may extend this message, and the message of the Saints, to people everywhere.

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