Why are Catholics so notoriously bad at fellowship?

In establishing the Church, Jesus made clear that we aren’t meant to navigate the Christian journey alone –

Recently I was asked to speak at a local Catholic women’s group. It had been awhile since I’d put on my speaking shoes, and I was genuinely excited. That is, until I was given my topic. Fellowship, they said. Fellowship? I couldn’t help but wince. Not suffering? Prayer? Family discord? Keeping the faith during crisis?? Nope, fellowship.

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5 Ways to Put All Those Christmas Cards to Good Use

So many of our Christmas cards are photos, these days, and that can be a prompt for prayer and outreach! Packing up my Christmas decorations always makes for one of the most depressing days of the year. It’s hard to move on from Christmas. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not...

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The Mercy of Giving a Mommy Some “Me-Time”

The realization hit: Having a baby means never being alone again. I always wanted to be a mom. Always. I’m sure I scared off many potential suitors by openly admitting I wanted a gaggle of kids. Or if not a gaggle, I’d say, at least enough for a competitive baseball team.

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